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Where materials from customers cannot be re-used or recycled, Riverdale provides the collection, interim storage, sorting, bulking and transfer of this residual waste to Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) producers or direct to R1 Energy Recovery facilities in the UK.

Residual waste streams are therefore beneficially utilised for power generation, replacing fossil fuel-extraction (coal and oil) and avoiding the environmental impacts associated with these sources of energy. As with all downstream waste treatment facilities utilised by Riverdale, residual waste treatment plants have been subject to audit by the company in full compliance with Section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, and with the requirements of Riverdale’s accredited ISO14001 Environmental Management System.

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Energy from Waste

The generation of energy from residual waste has developed significantly in recent years. There are now a variety of thermal treatment technologies including conventional ‘mass-burn’ processes, gasification, plasma gasification and pyrolysis. All of these processes are designed to generate energy and operate at optimum levels within a specified range in terms of waste calorific value, moisture content and particle size. Riverdale utilises its Team Valley facility to undertake initial preparation of residual waste for downstream recovery.

Whilst the recovery of energy from residual waste is environmentally beneficial when compared to landfill, Riverdale always endeavours to move materials up the waste hierarchy, adding value and minimising costs for its customers. This ethos complements our commitment to the Circular Economy and ensures that, wherever possible, materials are returned to useful production.


Riverdale is a Member of the Recycling Association, an organisation which supports the recycling industry by advocating for material quality and for increasing the quantity of recycled materials generated across the UK.

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