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Riverdale understands that businesses and public sector organisations need a data destruction package tailored to their specific requirements. We offer a range of both off-site security shredding and on-site mobile shredding services, and a range of container options, enabling us to implement a bespoke solution for your organisation.

You are assured of an expert, dedicated service, compliant with both UK Security Shredding Association (UKSSA) Code of Practice, and Riverdale Paper PLC – GDPR Policy – 2020-21.

North East based with National coverage.

Utilising trusted logistics partners, Riverdale’s service coverage extends across the UK, moving paper, cardboard, plastics and other recyclables to downstream re-processors in compliance with its core customer service values and a strong commitment to the environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why shred?

All types of organisation create confidential documents and data in a variety of forms. The Data Protection Act imposes a duty of care in how this information is treated and disposed of.

Most responsible organisations recognise the need to destroy documents and data when it is no longer required and appreciate the risks of not doing so.

Shredding is the most effective method of destroying both documents and data storage media. Using a professional shredding company can save you time, money and embarrassment.

Why can’t I shred using an office shredder?

You can, but are you truly aware of the costs and implications that the DIY approach may have for you and your organisation?

In-house shredding can cost a lot of time, money and effort if it is to be done correctly.

In addition to the management and administration required and the staff time involved in undertaking the shredding itself, there are the capital and running costs of machinery, maintenance and back-up and costs of disposal. Shredding also creates noise and mess that may not be conducive to the office environment.

The effectiveness of the operation may also be suspect. Confidential items may be left lying around for days awaiting destruction and run the risk of being confused with standard office waste.

My cleaners say they can take care of it.

Many cleaning companies will say they can handle your confidential document and data destruction requirements and, on the face of it, dealing with one less supplier might appear attractive. But there are potential pitfalls.

Many cleaning contractors actually outsource the shredding process, placing at least one middleman between you and the service you require. It can also introduce additional processes that might compromise the quality and effectiveness of the service.

In addition, confidential waste may get mixed up with general office rubbish or may not be handled in as secure a manner as it should be.

Why use a professional shredding company?

Put simply, using a professional confidential destruction company, such as Riverdale Security Shredding, gives you total peace of mind and is cost-effective.

We take care of everything, from initial consultation to the supply of secure containers for your premises through collection to final destruction and recycling/disposal.

How much confidential waste do I have to have?

It really doesn’t matter. Our services are tailored to your needs, no matter how large or small. We have a range of containers, vehicles and service levels that will ensure the service is as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

What sort of container will I need?

We offer a wide range of containers, depending on your own requirements. For most offices, we would supply a secure, locked bin, which prevents unauthorised access to confidential materials. Security sacks may be used where manual handling regulations dictate. For larger contracts, we can provide secure skips and on-site shredders.

Our security shredding specialist will be able to advise you on the most appropriate container for your needs.

How much does it cost?

Naturally, the price will depend on the service you require, but we always provide a quotation before we commence any work. Longer term, fixed price agreements are also possible, following appraisal by our security shredding specialists.

How will I know my materials have been destroyed?

As part of our service and internal audit systems, every consignment is issued with a Certificate of Destruction when the processes have been completed. Naturally, you will receive a copy of this for your records.

How safe is our confidential material when it leaves our premises?

All confidential materials are transported in security containers or security bags. Before they leave your premises each one will be secured with a numbered security seal to prevent unauthorised access.

The containers and sacks are then transferred to our specialised security vehicles, manned by security vetted operatives, and transported to our secure destruction facilities where they are checked-in

Can I trust the person collecting my confidential materials?

All Riverdale Security Shredding personnel involved in the handling of confidential material have undergone a thorough, independent vetting process in accordance with BS7858. All collection staff wear smart company uniforms and carry photographic identification.

Can I watch our materials being destroyed?

We are always happy to welcome our customers to our facilities. If you want to watch your materials being securely destroyed, simply give us a call and we will be happy to make the necessary arrangements.

What happens after destruction?

After destruction, paper-based material is recycled. It is made into bales and transported to paper mills for recycling into a wide variety of paper products.

Non-paper products are recycled wherever possible or disposed of in an environmentally-responsible manner.

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