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Riverdale collects, processes, recycles and recovers a wide range of waste resources, including the following:

Cardboard & Paper

  • Cardboard
  • Printers Waste / Trim
  • Office Papers

In total up to 20 grades of recovered fibre are collected, sorted, processed and transferred for downstream pulping and recycling in the UK or via export markets.

Plastics – Single-Source Polymers

  • Rigid HDPE
  • Poly Film (98/02)
  • Poly Film (90/10)
  • Rigid PET
  • Compressed Polystyrene/ EPS
  • A wide range of other polymers which are processed and transferred for extrusion and recycling into new plastic products.


  • Grade A Pallets and off-cuts, collected and transferred for recycling into panel board, worktops or animal bedding.
  • Grades B & C (composite wood materials; MDF and recovery-grade wood), collected and transferred for energy recovery via UK-based biomass facilities.

Residual Waste

General Waste, collected in 40yd3 compactors or open-topped containers, is bulked-up at Riverdale’s fully permitted facility, and transferred for downstream RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) production or energy recovery in the UK.

Other Materials

Riverdale’s unrivalled experience in recycling and resource management equips us with the capacity to identify sustainable outlets for the majority of waste streams generated by industry, commerce and the public sector. Any unusual or specialist materials will be assessed at the site audit, and proposals for sustainable and compliant recycling, recovery or disposal will be put forward in our commercial proposal.


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